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 Monadnock Speedway
 P.O. Box 27 
 840 Keene Rd
 Winchester, NH 03470
 Tel: 603-239-4067
 Fax: 603-239-8800
 Please Note: The
 office is now closed
 for the season.  If
 you need to reach
 us please send an
 email or leave a
 message on the
 answering machine.








ANNUAL RULES MEETING: TO BE HELD AT THE WINCHESTER VFW LOCATED ON MAIN STREET: Mini Stocks  9:30am, Super Stock 10:30am, Sportsman Modifieds Noon, Lightning Stocks & Thunders Stocks 1pm and MudBog Mudslingers at 2pm. 

SUPER SATURDAY RECAP: This past Saturday, Monadnock Speedway held their Season Finale making the championship titles official in the NASCAR Whelen All American Racing Series; Sportsman Modified Todd Patnode, Super Stocks Tom Carey III, Mini Stock Mike Stebbins, Lightning Stocks Kyle Boniface and Thunder Stocks Marshall Usher.

 The Super Saturday Season Finale provided plenty of racing action as nine divisions took to the high banked mile.  Victory lane checker flag honors went to Young Gun Solomon Brow, Lightning Stock Toby Wells, Thunder Stock Dave Greenslit, Super Stock Geoff Rollins and Sportsman Modified Scott MacMichael.  Other winners included; Vintage Outlaw Ernie Laplante, NE Classic Lite Jim Poliquin, Pro 4 Modifieds Andy Major, Pro 4 Modified Lite Kyle Boniface, Powder Puff Alicia Springer and Spectator Race Ben Byrne.

The Sportsman Modifieds rolled out after not taking to the track for three weeks.  Todd Patnode quickly set the pace and moved to the top spot as Adam Norton gave it is all to move into the lead. On lap ten, Scott MacMichael took over the second spot reeling in Patnode as Bill Kimball became a threat to Norton for third.  MacMichael was glued to Patnode bumper looking for the opportunity to the number one spot as Tyler Jarvenpaa put the pressure on Kimball for third.  On lap twenty seven the red flag was displayed as Kim Rivet made contact with Norton coming out of turn four causing Brian Chapin a hard hit into the front stretch wall and also ending the night for Trevor Bleau and Brett Gonyaw.  On the restart, Patnode again felt the heat on his back bumper from MacMichael. A few bump and runs did not unsettle Patnode as Jarvenpaa continued to pressure Kimball for that podium finish.  At the checkers, it was Patnode followed by MacMichael, Kimball, Jarvenpaa and Eric Leclair. In a post race inspection, Patnode was disqualified giving the win to MacMichael.

Alyssa Rivera sat on the pole for the caution-filled Super Stock event where eighteen took the green.  The first caution came out on lap two with Springer and Chris Curtis get tangled up.  On the restart, Rivera once again took control of the lead with the field again being halted on lap four as Geoff Rollins sent Curtis around collecting  Nancy Muni and James Thompson ending their night.  The field got rolling again as Rivera felt Tom Carey III all over her back bumper. Lap thirteen proved to be unlucky for Rivera as Carey made contact with her bringing out the fifth caution of the event. On the restart, Rollins who had earlier problems took over the number one spot as Dave Striebel sat in second, Tyler Lescord ran in third.  The last ten laps finally were caution free as the top three settled comfortable in their psotion with Robert Hagar and Bryan Town challenged each other for fourth. At the wave of the checkers it was Rollins, Striebel, Tyler Lescord, Tom Carey III and Hagar.

Mini Stock competitor Chris McTaggart brought the full field of Mini Stocks to the green as Mike Stebbins followed. By lap ten, the fans saw the new leader of Stebbins over taking first as Beth Adams made on the pass on McTaggart for second.  Adams was in hot pursuit chasing down Stebbins as McTaggart battled with Cameron Sontag for third. Lap 13 proved to be lucky for Adams as she made the pass on Stebbins for the lead. Stebbins fought back as McTaggart remained to hold off Sontag.  Stebbins kept putting the pressure on Adams but could not make the pass as Adams protected his favorite inside line, rookies Sontag and Joel Monahan battled it out for fourth. On alp thirty-five it was Adams taking down the checkers for her final race followed by Stebbins, McTaggart, Sontag and Nick Anderson.

Toby Wells took command quickly in the Lightning Stock feature followed by Trevor Bleau and Richard Whipple. By lap ten, Chris Davis took over the second spot and on a mission to reel in Wells. Wells began to check out as Davis sat in second as Mike Stebbins ran in third. At the end, it was Wells taking the checkers followed by Davis, Stebbins, Whipple and Kris Kristolaitis posting his best finish of the year.

Former Thunder Stock champion, Ed Lofland set the pace for the Thunder Stock twenty-five main event. Lofland was quickly challenged by George Baldwin for the top spot as Dave Greenslit followed in third. The top three ran a hard race nose to tail as Baldwin took the lead on lap ten. Lofland felt the pressure from Greenslit who a few laps later took over second leaving Lofland in a challenge with Marshall Usher for third. An intense battle developed between Baldwin and Greenslit as Usher made the pass on Lofland for third. The final lap had the fans on their feet as Greenslit dives under Baldwin coming out of turn four, both sideways to the checkered flag as Greenslit takes the victory by inches.  Baldwin, Usher, Lofland and Jon Goddard followed in the top five.

In the Young Gun action, it looked to Mike McGoldrick night as he sat on the pole.  On the first lap a caution came out as McGoldrick made his way into the pits for his back bumper hanging along with Michelle Leh and Colby Lambert. On the restart, Matt Kimball took over first with Solomon Brow bringing a challenge on early for the top spot. Brow took over the lead as Dylan Morse began to pressure Kimball for second.  The top three ran tight as Cole Littlewood attempted to break into the top three. At the checkers, it was Brow with his second feature win of the season followed by Kimball, Morse, Littlewood and Colton Smith.

Rain Cancellations: The speedway will do their best to make a decision around 10am on the day of an event regarding cancellations due to weather. If the forecast is for 30%-50% of scattered showers, the management may hold off in making a decision until Noon on regular events to allow further research in the hourly forecast and radar. The management looks at various weather outlets along with advisement from local airports.  The goal in making a decision early is to ensure that competitors do not waste time and travel costs if the weather looks like it will not cooperate.  If the forecast looks "iffy", the speedway recommends calling the office after 10am (for forecasts over 50% of showers/rain) or at Noon (for a forecast at 30%-50% for showers/rain). Race teams and fans can also sign up on rainedout.com to receive a text message or go to the speedway's facebook page. Please note: the webpage may be delayed up to a 1/2 hour in the update due to the dial up connection (we are working with Comcast to receive high speed so we can have quicker updates). To cancel an event is never an easy decision (unless their is no doubt it will rain). The owners request everyone to understand there are many factors in canceling an event including air temperatures and the timing of the predicted showers as it can affect the safety of the racers due a cool damp track surface along with the financial aspects for both the competitors and the track.


Special notice to competitors who are in divisions that is mandatory to have a AMB/MYLAPS transponder...The transponder technician requests that all transponders be charged and mounted during the practice sessions.  Last year we had issues with competitors not putting their transponders in for practice and then having problems with the transponder during the heats/features.  If the competitor has the transponder in and working during practice we will know if there are any issues with the transponder prior to the heats/features.  Competitors who do not follow this simple request to have a working transponder mounted in during practice will first get a warning. The second time the competitor will start in the rear of the field for the heats, the third time the competitor will start last in the feature. If after the third time a competitor has not followed the request, the competitor will not be scored for that event!  We appreciate your cooperation this will ensure that the scoring is properly done through the AMB system. THE TRANSPONDERS ARE MANDATORY FOR SPORTSMAN MODIFIEDS, SUPER STOCKS & MINI STOCKS. IF YOU NEED TO PURCHASE OR LEASE ONE GO TO MYLAPS.COM, THE SPEEDWAY DOES NOT SELL THEM.


Monadnock Speedway and Town Fair Tires have partnered up to offer the Young Gun competitors a discount for the new Young Gun tire.  The speedway management has decided, with guidance from Town Fair Tire, on a tire that is very comparable to the Bridgestone Fuzions which were the original track tire when the division started and was favored by the Young Gun teams. The Sumitomo Doral 195/60 HR14 and 195/65 HR15 is the official track tire for the Young Guns and will only be the tire allowed (competitors who have old Cooper Starfires from 2013 that are still in good condition may use them up to the May 31, 2014 event).  The Sumitomo Doral tire is available at all Town Fair Tire locations at a discounted price of $65 each.  When purchasing tires, tell the associate that they are discounted under Young Guns for the discounted price.   PLEASE NOTE: THE YOUNG GUN TIRE PROGRAM WILL BE ACTIVATED ON TUESDAY (APRIL 1ST) AT ALL TOWN FAIR TIRE LOCATIONS. MONADNOCK SPEEDWAY AND TOWN FAIR TIRE APOLOGIZE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE REGARDING THE ACTIVATION PROCESS OF THIS NEW PROGRAM.






The 2015 Rules in all Race Divisions and the MudBog Mudslinger Series will be posted by the first week in December along with the 2015 Schedule.

Mudslinger Results & Points...more

Do you have an AMB/My Laps transponder and have retired from racing? Email the speedway! We have competitors looking to purchase used ones!


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Race Videos Available by calling Yurko Video Productions @ 860-651-8183


Photos available by calling Gary Dutton @ 603-863-9205.

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